Integrated Formwork(GSF)

Patent 10-1966015

Form-integrated septic tank, which combines excellent workability and durability by reinforcing concrete and steel plates in FRP, is recognized for its convenience in construction, construction period and cost, and durability to withstand external or internal pressure.


1. Relatively simply composes the space filled with concrete and adopts a durable structure that can withstand internal and external pressure for excellent curing of the protective wall, thus allowing better stability and longer life.

2. Integrated composition of structure that finishes the upper part of above ground that is exposed or the manhole to eliminate the process of installing and removing a separate formwork, making it possible to shorten the overall construction period, thus offering greater convenience.


Comparison of integrated formwork septic tank and concrete protective wall

  Integrated formwork Concrete protective wall
Construction period 1 day 1 week or longer
Construction cost Reduced by over 30% for structure High expenses expected
Construction convenience Excellent on-site construction convenience Complex construction structure
Durability Improved durability by taking on integrated form Concrete tile durability
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