Boiling point pollution reduction facility(GDB)

Patent No. 10-1039483


1. After the large-sized foreign matter is first removed through the screen, it is first stored in the first separation tank, so that the heavy foreign matter sinks to the lower side and the light foreign matter rises to the upper side to remove the foreign matter first.

2. Rainwater from which foreign matter has been removed secondarily is supplied to the lower part of the primary filtration tank through the drain pipe and then rises, and contaminants are removed by the fluid carrier and supplied to the lower part of the secondary filtration tank through the drain pipe to remove the contaminants. It is then discharged to the outlet.

->After removing the forest material by using the difference in specific gravity, the pollutants contained in the rainwater are removed using eco-friendly microorganisms attached to the fluid carrier, so there is no need to replace the filter, so it is not necessary to replace the filter. In comparison, it is easy to manage and has the advantage of reducing maintenance costs.

3. Lower guiding member and upper guiding membe

-The lower guiding member is composed of a cone shape whose inner diameter becomes narrower as the shape of the lower surface goes upward, and the upper center part has an opening open to the upper part, and is installed in the center part of the lower plate.

-The upper guiding member is configured so that the outer diameter becomes wider toward the top, and is installed in the lower center of the upper perforated plate.