Company Overview

JOEUNSESANG Co.,Ltd. [Established year: October 25, 1999]
•Head Office/Factory 1: 17-28 Sandan-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
TEL : +82-63-471-9366 FAX :+82-63-471-9368
•Factory 2: 772-63, Donggunsan-ro, Impi-myeon, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
•Gwangju Branch: 179, Donggok-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju 
TEL : +82-62-944-4040.  FAX :+82-62-943-4968

Holding license

● Personal sewage treatment facility manufacturing business (Gunsan 2011-1) - 2 to 160 tons can be manufactured and manufactured
● Registered 28 items of sewage purification tank, 5 items of independent septic tank
● Design and construction of personal sewage treatment facilities (Gunsan 2011-1)


● Outstanding product designation
● Designated as G-PASS company (prospective company for entry into overseas procurement market)
● K Mark,Q Mark,Geon Mark certificate
● Technology Innovation SME (INNO-BIZ) certificate
● Venture company certification
● Acquired ISO 9001:2015
● Factory registration certificate (Head office/1 factory-Gunsan, 2nd factory-Impi)
● Direct production verification (water treatment and supply equipment, purification equipment, water treatment and supply equipment, tank and cylindrical storage)


● Sewage/wastewater treatment device with improved total phosphorous and total nitrogen removal efficiency registered for patent (no. 0426660)
● Multi-porous biomembrane microorganism carrier manufacturing method using red clay, and patent registration for the resulting manufactured carrier (no. 10-0918587)
● Patent No. 10-1039483-Non-point pollution reduction facility
● Patent No. 10-1966015-Form-integrated septic tank with excellent workability and durability
● Patent No. 10-13101925-Method for reinforcing the sewage storage tank of private sewage treatment facility
● Patent No. 10-1966593-Sewage/wastewater purification device that reduces the purification process by multifunctional bio-filtration filter, and wastewater purification method using the same
● Patent No. 10-1126424-Wastewater treatment device installed at the rear end using charcoal
● Patent No. 10-2008798-Sewage and wastewater purification device that improves the efficiency of removing total phosphorus total nitrogen by using a bio-filtration filter
● Patent No. 10-2103539-Manhole structure with built-in reinforcement frame
● Patent No. 10-2122848-Integrated sewage and excellent manhole set combining PE bracket and BMC manhole cover

Utility model

● Utility Model No. 20-0469904-Wastewater treatment tank equipped with advection transfer pipe with refraction

Outstanding product designation