Company History

The history of JOEUNSESANG Co.,Ltd

06. Integrated sewage and rainwater manhole set that combines PE bracket and BMC manhole lid

06. Patent registration (No. 10-2122848)


04. Outstanding product designation  ( 2020039 )

04. Manhole structure with embedded reinforced frame (No. 10-2103539)


10. Acquired quality certification Q mark certification (R60-2019-001)

09. Acquired K mark certification (PF12019-187)

09. Designated as G-PASS company (prospective company for entry into overseas procurement market)


08. Sewage and wastewater purification device with improved total phosphorus and total nitrogen removal efficiency using a bio-filtration filter (No. 10-2008798)

04. Sewage and wastewater purification device that reduces the purification process by multifunctional bio-filtration filter, and wastewater purification method using the same (No. 10-1966593)

03. Form-integrated septic tank with excellent constructability and durability


12. 2nd factory registration (in Gunsan Impi Agricultural Industrial Complex)


03. Venture business certification


11. Wastewater treatment tank equipped with a deflected advection transfer pipe (No. 20-046994)


08. Method of reinforcing the sewage plant tank of private sewage treatment facility (No. 10-1301925)


03. Wastewater treatment device installed at the rear end using charcoal (No. 10-1126424)


01. Technology Innovation SME (INNO-BIZ) certificate


05. Non-point pollution reduction facility patent registration (No. 11-1039483)


04. Acquired ISO 9001:2008


09. Registered patent for manufacturing method of porous biofilm microbial carrier containing loess and carrier prepared therefrom (No. 10-0918587)


09. Acquired “Gun” mark (Korea Construction Materials Testing Institute)


07. Changed the representative (Seungho Jang ⇒ Daejin Lee)


03. Patent registration of wastewater treatment device with improved removal efficiency of total phosphorus and total nitrogen (No. 0426660)


07. Changed the company name to JOEUNSESANG Co.,Ltd.


10. Dongsung Industry New Construction