Core technology and Outstanding product designation (2020039)

  • Designated as prospective company for entry into overseas procurement market
  • rainwater manhole set that combines PE bracket
  • Manhole structure with embedded reinforced frame
  • sewage and wastewater purification device(10-2008798)
  • K Mark, Q Mark, Geon Mark certification
  • Multi-functional Bio Filter Patent
  • Venture company certification,INNO-BIZ company certification
  • 24x7 customer support 365 days a year

Personal Sewage (Wastewater) Treatment Facility

sewage and wastewater purification device that efficiently reduces total phosphorous and total nitrogen using an eco-friendly septic tank

GDBF method

GDBF method (advanced treatment), Sewage/wastewater purification device using bio-filtration filter

BMC manhole(GB manhole)

Integrated wastewater and rainwater manhole set combining PE bracket and BMC manhole